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James L Burke










So glad you dropped in. My name is Fastgal, but as I have become older, it has become a misnomer. Get yourself a cup of coffee and visit a while. The atmosphere here is really informal, so when you need a refill, just help yourself. I want to show you a few of my favorite things....and maybe a few things that I don't care much for but we need to look at anyway.

We'll talk about our favorite books and movies and maybe even our theories on child-rearing. We can talk about old times and current events. We can talk about work or how to mix a margarita. We'll try to avoid religion and poliltics, most of the time anyway, and just play it by ear.

I'm a reader. In my humble opinion, one is either a reader or not a reader. It's probably genetic, but then, I believe most human characteristics are. If you're a reader, you'll read anything; backs of cereal boxes, fine print on cents off coupons, ancient, obscure religious pamphlets found in waiting rooms.....anything. If you're not a reader, well then, you're just not. That's no big disgrace, you're just marching to a non-reader's drummer.

When I hear people say, "I just don't have the time to read," I know that they are just not readers. This reminds me of a Robin Williams line from a movie, Dead Again, I think. The line is approximately: "You're either a smoker or a non-smoker. People who are always 'trying to quit' are just basically pussies who cannot commit." Non-readers should never feel that they have to make excuses. In a better world, they'd just say, "No, I don't enjoy reading".

Real readers make the time to read. I felt guilty about that when I was younger. When a visitor "popped in" and found the house in a shambles, or the hubby came home and I'd forgotten the time and there was no dinner, I felt guilty. I'd push my book under a couch cushions and put on my most harried manner to suggest that I'd been in the throes of some task or important mission that had caused all this neglect. I don't bother with all that anymore, I just keep reading.


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